Perimeter Protection


Perimeter fence protection

We can install effective point to point  to cover your property.  Sensors are placed around the perimeter fence which will be triggered when somebody enters your property. When combined with our CCTV installations, we can even take a snapshot, and send push notifications using our IP PRO app directly to your phone.

Large scale

We can scale our systems to the size of your property. All systems are bespoke designed to best protect your business or home.  We take on large scale projects as well as small home protection systems

Warning of intruders

We design our systems to alert you when someone enters your property. We install a automatic phone dialer or even voice syntases notifications direct to your mobile.

An example of our push notification system using voice synthases 

"Intruder detected - Coach workshop main entrance"

Our system can pinpoint where the intrusion is located. On large sites, this is a very effective way of knowing when someone is there.

Reliability using IP technology

Our systems make use of IP technology. IP technology has been used since the 1980s, but it is only recently it has been used to its full potential in the security industry. We can transmit resolution up to 8k, and are able to get cameras bespoke made to accept to integrate with your alarm system to protect your perimeter.

We install and operate on a closed loop system. This means even if a cable in cut on a camera or one of our sensors - our alert system will know about it.

Integrated with CCTV

We design our systems to integrate with CCTV installed by IP PRO Limited. This means when an alert is sent to your phone, a snapshot of the camera covering the area is  sent directly to your phone. This can also trigger one of your PTZ cameras to look at a predefined position. This image will also be kept in a cloud server which could become useful in a situation where the main recorder is destroyed. Other cloud recording services are available.

Central control

We can send notifications to a central control centre, or even directly to multiple phones. We take pride in designing our systems on a case by case basis to tailor the system to you.