Hikvision ANPR Registration Manager software

Registration management


This software will communicate with the ANPR series of Hikvision cameras to update and maintain the Blacklist and Whitelist, and has the added feature of being able to set a start date and expiry date for individual plates. 

Where can you use it, and what do I need?


It is the perfect software for your security systems. Suitable for car parks, caravan parks or anywhere where the above Hikvision ANPR camera is installed. You can connect your Hikvision camera to your existing barrier or electric gate system using the switched relay built into all recent Hikvision ANPR cameras.

To keep the list up to date - you will need to have your computer running AT ALL TIMES. Your camera can remember the "last state" without the PC running, but it will fail to maintain the list expiry's etc.



Compatible with Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10

When installing in a recent version of Windows, you may get a message quoting that windows has protected your PC and it will stop the installation. This is because windows detects that this software is "new". You can click on "more info" and it will allow you to install anyway. This is perfectly normal. 

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